Samsung b die timings

PC builders are finally getting their hands on the new Ryzen series of processors, including the Ryzen 5Ryzen 7 X, X and the Ryzen 9 X, and for those looking to do a build with one of these, many will be asking the same question — what are the best RAM kits, memory speeds and CAS latencies for Ryzen builds? In this guide, we will focus on what the best RAM speeds and types are for Ryzen processors, and recommend the best RAM for each selected CAS latency and frequency, drawing from value options, low-profile options and best all-round RAM options for Ryzen Infinity fabric is only supported up to memory clock speeds of MHz, and thus memory speed is very important until you reach MHz, and above this speed is where lower latency becomes more important.

It is becoming fairly common knowledge that for Ryzen builds, Samsung B-Die memory performs far better and has far better compatibility with Ryzen IMC than any other type of memory manufacturer, and to be honest, nobody really knows the exact reason why. All models we will be recommending in this guide will have Samsung B-die memory, to ensure you get the maximum memory performance out of your upcoming Ryzen build.

If you want to check a specific memory kit if its B-die, this website is a useful tool to check. These are Samsung B-die that are perfect for Ryzen Zen 2, and feature heat spreaders with a height of 41mm, and timings of and 1.

This is also Samsung B-Die DDR4 memory and features a super sleek aluminum heatsink with controllable RGB design, and will perform great whilst looking fantastic in any build.

This CL14 B-die memory offers a great performance for its price point and offers a sleek design with an aluminum heat spreader and timings of Skills Flare X series. With a height of 40mm, it is also one of the best low profile MHz CL14 memory sticks available for Ryzentoo. There you go, we have covered our recommended and standout memory kits and speeds for Ryzenand think one of these kits will be suited for any Ryzen build, whether it be on a budget or enthusiast-grade level.

Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content. Pictured: Best performance CL16 memory.Monday, May 6th As the world becomes more and more centered on data, as well as its processing and storage, increased memory density across products is becoming more of a necessity. It seems that out of this necessity and a need to streamline its memory production towards favoring denser outputs, Samsung is killing of the famous B-die chips, which were - and still are - part of a love affair with any enthusiast's Ryzen desktop.

Memory compatibility issues with the first gen Ryzen took a while to dissipate, and didn't vanish entirely; however, overclockers quickly found that the most stable and overclockable memory ICs all were of the Samsung B-die type.

M-dies were supposed to bring 32 GB densities to a single rank of memory - and have apparently been siphoned off to server applications and left out in the cold for consumer purchasewhile the new A dies increase memory density per IC, meaning less of these are necessary to achieve the same final memory footprint. Whether or not these will feature the same Ryzen compatibility and overclockability as their B-die predecessors is unknown at this point, but it would make a lot of enthusiasts slightly unhappy - and increase the value of B-die offerings in any sort of discerning second-hand market - if they did not.

Does that mean we can buy all the b-die memory and create an actual shortage? Mamya Does that mean we can buy all the b-die memory and create an actual shortage? Shortage on B-die. IceShroom Yep. Hopefully Samsung will receive constructive criticism and engineer A Dies for performance since M dies are data oriented anyway.

Maybe I'm mistaken, but I believe they've only ended production of 20 nm B-die and have started production of 10 nm B-die. I hope I'm not wrong. Vycyous Maybe I'm mistaken, but I believe they've only ended production of 20 nm B-die and have started production of 10 nm B-die. I don't see how this chart helps with anything, the timings are the key thing.

Samsung might be shoving out ram all day long, faster and cheaper but at cas 16 latency or cas Maybe B-Die just required to many of their resources. The chart was simply to show mass production of what I believe is the new 10 nm B-die while simultaneously showing the end-of-life EOL designation of 20 nm B-die.

No, they weren't and aren't. Have a look at the datasheet. It's companies like G. The assumption is that the new 10 nm B-die will scale as well, if not better, with voltage as the 20 nm B-die, which means we may see higher speeds and tighter timings when overclocking. I'm wondering if some of the 10 nm ICs have already hit the market in memory kits such as both G.Forums New posts Search forums.

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samsung b die timings

Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. Please check out our forum guidelines for info related to our community. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Joined Jun 19, Messages 0. I searched on google for this specific model but couldnt find much info. Is this b-die?

I currently have mhz vengeance which runs at MHZ on my Ryzen system so its definitely an upgrade. But I am excited, if this B-die, then I might have hit jackpot at this price, atleast in my country. Joined Aug 23, Messages 87 0. Last edited: Oct 13, Joined Nov 22, Messages 0. Vycyous said:. Most likely, although it may be a slightly lower bin of the really good Samsung B-die ICs.

It's also not running "flat" timings, which is increasingly difficult at higher speeds. Of course, those fast, low latency kits can be very expensive and the law of diminishing returns means they're usually not worth it.

Best RAM Timings for Ryzen 3000 CPUs (3600 / 3700X / 3800X / 3900X)

Lorec said:. I will either try to push it to 1. Also, be sure the command rate is 1 1T. Joined Mar 31, Messages 1, 0. Looks suspiciously like CJR For reference most of the confirmed b-die kits at c18 arenotthough there do seem to be some references to early b-die binsIn what is going to be good news for most and potentially bad news for someSamsung A-Die DDR4 memory featuring the 10nm process has been spotted in the wild and word on the street is that Samsung will be discontinuing use of its B-Dies in favor of the A-Des.

Well, read on to find out.

RAMbling about my HyperX 2x8GB 3600Mhz 17-18-18 1.35V Samsung B-die kit

Each standard of RAM goes through a production cycle that looks something like this: initially, the memory is fabricated on an existing node and is relatively expensive, then as manufacturing process improves usually shifting to a smaller node economies of scale kick in and the RAM becomes cheaper. In most cases the newer RAM variants are cheaper and faster. It also means that Samsung would be able to pack twice as much capacity on a single stick.

G.Skill Reveals Trident Z Neo DDR4-3800 CL14 Kit for AMD Ryzen 3000

The story looked similar for Samsung's RAM kits. Samsung's DDR4 B-dies were fabricated on the 20nm process and were relatively expensive but were loved by enthusiasts and overclockers all over the world because they could hit truly insane clock speeds. Samsung's A-Dies, on the other hand, are manufactured on the 10nm process - which would allow the company to reduce the price of the RAM significantly while increasing volume. There is a catch however, this time, the die shrink might be accompanied by a temporary loss in clock speed.

While the 10nm process features much higher economies of scale with smaller physical dies, it could potentially have issues hitting super high clock speeds that the mature 20nm process could. While the clock speed is nothing special MHz the timings are quite a bit slow you can increase clock speed at the cost of timings usually or vice versa at CL It is worth noting, however, that this is something that could potentially improve as Samsung's process matures.

It would also mean that Samsung B-dies could suddenly become a lot more expensive as the rules of supply and demand kick in. Meanwhile, the overall cost of DDR4 memory ownership would go down as DDR4 memory sticks finally enter their golden era of affordability. By Usman Pirzada. Share Tweet Submit.Forum World Records. Sign In Sign Up.

Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: Setting up G. Setting up G. I want to run the memory at least at its specified parameters: MHz, T, 1,35V. This also happens at lower frequencies Is my RAM defective? Skill memory that claims to work at MHz with Ryzen. But for me it is not even working at MHz Received a new one today and although not perfect it behaves much more reasonably.

Standard MHz, 1,35V, Test Stopped. So I've tried to set the timings manualy leaving D. Few minutes later the system froze and rebooted. I've run System Stability Test for 19 minutes without any issues. I've performed more tests a bit later: T, 1,35V, MHz: Tried to reproduce the 19 minute System Stability Test run several times but unfortunately the system either freezes and reboots or I get a "Hardware failure detected!

Test stopped. I've run System Stability Test for 2 hours and 3 minutes without any issues but then I got a "Hardware failure detected!

Can you please give me advice on how to configure the system for better stability and performance? Last edited by dusank; at PM. Updated BIOS to I've stopped second run at 17 hours and 20 minutes. Last edited by dusank; at AM. But performance was very low. Instead of rising MHz try to lower timings.

samsung b die timings

Test each setting performance with Aida64 cache and memory benchmark and you will see do you get any performance or not. Cannot ProcODT be used to stabilize memory? Originally Posted by dusank. It can. But if Stilt's safe does not work out of the box than it is a bit weird. Anyway - ryzen is not intel so in general you need more DRAM voltage - 1. But more is not always better - there is a sweet spot for all the settings.

Additionally you didn't said anything about core OC. It would be better if you post all BIOS settings.Brand: G. Over the years, many companies have thrown their hat into the arena offering many different variations since the days of the original DDR memory.

Now that we are in the age of DDR4, the competition is fierce and pricing is as at its most critical peak. One such company that is renowned in the memory sector is G. Skill; a Taipei-based giant that has been established since More recently they have moved some of their focus over to the peripheral market check out our review of the G. Today we will be taking a kit from one of their top memory ranges, the G. Skill Trident Z. This makes this particular kit of memory particularly suitable for overclocking and high-performance applications.

Looking at the actual modules themselves, this kit features 2 x DDR4 modules which equal to 16GB or 2 x 8GB modules depending on how you look at it means the exact same thing really. The G. Skill Trident Z range features large and tall heat sinks 44mm or 1. The top fins of the G. Skill Trident Z have slight incisions which give off a volatile and menacing look from a top down angle; pretty much how the memory will be seen when installed into a conventional case.

Skill, take a look at our DDR4 testing set up and then see how it performs under our testing conditions…. All benchmarks are done on a fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate bit that is fully up-to-date with Windows Updates to ensure that the performance reflects a real-world scenario and not that of a tweaked benchmarking system. Every benchmark runs for a total of three times and then an average is taken of those results. This simple integer benchmark focuses on the branch prediction capabilities and the misprediction penalties of the CPU.

At the same clock speed, theoretically the processor with the shorter pipeline and smaller misprediction penalties will attain higher benchmark scores. For example — with HyperThreading disabled — the Intel Northwood core processors get higher scores than the Intel Prescott core based ones due to the step vs step long pipeline. It uses current technologies like sse, mmx, scheduled threading and further techniques, including an accurate time measurement that provides reliable consistent results.

All this will precisely reflect the performance of your system. Every little change, done on the benched system, will take place on the received results. It is a pretty extensive suite of benchmarks but I have narrowed down the more relevant ones to compare performance. This, in turn, means each type requires different methods of tweaking and settings to get the most from them in terms of potential and of course, performance.

The Trident Z is focused at overclockers and will be more so appreciated by them. Now I personally know this particular range on the right motherboard can do very impressive things such as MHz at CL12 with 1.

When it came to overclocking the G. Some settings would stick, post, but after running some benchmarks, they would come worse off than stock settings. An overclock of MHz at CL12 is still mightily impressive and although it did require around 1. Skill who are considered one of the kings of performance memory.

samsung b die timings

There is a reason that the G. Skill Trident Z MHz steams ahead of the competition in our latency and read speed tests; that is evident.

Skill for using them in this instant.

What memory speeds can you expect from Ryzen?

Gamers and general users might not feel the need for such a premium kit of specific memory and may not feel the benefit, but overclockers and enthusiasts wanting the best will almost but certainly be looking for this kit of memory and of course, other kits in the G. Skill Trident Z range. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.Forum World Records. Sign In Sign Up. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Help for RAM overclock G.

Skill Trident-Z 2x16GB memory kit. I know that given it's density consisting of two 16GB modules it won't overclock as good as 8GB B-die sticks, but I feel somewhat disappointed that I can't even hit MHz. Any help will be greatly appreciated! So far that's the best I have and it's You're going to need to relax a lot of timings to stand a chance - even then, is not guaranteed. These boards use T-topology and are 4-layer, so don't have as much signal margin with 1DPC as the higher-end models.

Originally Posted by Wolfdale. Hello guys, recently I bought a G. Honestly CAS14 is pretty respectable anyway. You don't want to be pushing too far and making timing concessions.

samsung b die timings

Nice memory you got there! You might get the memory seemingly stable with AIDA and other benchmarks, but at the same time MemTest will report errors. My last memory KIT behaved like that. All benchmarks were OK but sometimes the machine froze a second or two while benchmarking. Only testing with MemTest I could see that one stick was faulty.

And that is without any RAM overclock. Originally Posted by Silent Scone. Originally Posted by bass junkie xl. It's very tight and tuned for performance on a two-slot board, and if you're not getting there on the defaults with a four-slot board, it will not help you. So no point. Thanks for sharing the settings! If anyone's interested, here is Raja's profile:.

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